LDARC Tiny Meter for 1S Lipo Battery

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LDARC Tiny Meter for 1S Lipo Battery
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Bonus: 2

Now you can check your 1S lipoly batteries easily and accurately with the LDARC Tiny Meter. Simply plug your 1S battery into the battery meter and you will get an instant reading of it's charge/voltage state. There are 2 different connectors built into the unit, one on either end, one is a Molex 1.25 and the other is a PH2.0.

The charge state is shown via a series of colored LED's as follows:
First red: 3.7V
Second red: 3.8V
First orange: 3.9V
Second orange: 4.0V
First green: 4.1V
Second green: 4.2V
Blue: 4.3V

The unit is very small and lightweight, only 6.1g. This meter is a must for all those who fly using these small 1S batteries.

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