JYU Hornet 2 5.8G FPV Intelligent Drone with HD Display & 1080P Camera

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JYU Hornet 2 5.8G FPV Intelligent Drone with HD Display & 1080P Camera

JYU has been successfully selling drones for sometime now, their previous models the JYU Hornet S and JYU Spider X have proved extremely popular. To follow on they now have the JYU Hornet 2 which is similar in design to the previous models but technically it has been improved. This version has improved motors, propellers, battery performance and increased flight stability. The Hornet 2 is worth a closer look, it has all the qualities of its more expensive rivals but at a fraction of the cost.

Streamlined Design:
Every contour and shape of the Hornet 2 has been fashioned to create a beautiful and aerodynamic design which will maximise speed and agility. This is not just on the outward appearance but the internal design has also been updated to allow the heat build up inside to disperse during flight. To aid orientation the Hornet 2 is euipped with a set of bright multi-color LED lights, not only are they practical but they look good as well.

Intelligent Flight Battery:
The 3600maH 14.8V intelligent flight battery will give flight times of between 22~28mins. It has more power and more energy which combined gives you a vastly improved flight experience. This is an upgraded flight battery with built in CPU and sensors that lets you know the status and remaining power of your battery at all times.

The supplied camera is an RA10 high definition image stabilized camera and supports 1080P/30fps video's, images of 8 megapixels and has a controllable pitch angle of +38° to -80°. This will allow you to capture and record video onto the supported micro SD card. It also allows the image to be transmitted to the LCD HD display screen using a 2.4GHz analog video signal so that there is no delay in the image transmission.

The RD13 13 channel 5.8GHz transmitter is designed specifically to work with the Hornet 2. Its ergonomic design, the position of buttons and rocker switches makes this a comfortable and easy to use transmitter even during long flights. The joystick potentiometers are very smooth to use and give precise control throughout all modes of flight.

The JYU Hornet 2 has many many features, some of which are listed below but for more detailed information please take a look at the "User Manual" under the "Files" tab below.

• Built in GPS, gyroscope and compass
• Built in barometer and 10 axis flight control system
• Multiple flight modes inc, waypoints, course and parallel follow, follow me and point of interest
• Flight assist functions such as take off, land, return to home
• Flight security features such as low power, geo fencing, automatic return to home, out of range return to home
• Optimized power management system to maximize flight times
• Front facing high definition FPV camera which has automatic tilt correction to help stabilize the video image
• LCD FPV HD display screen

Specs (Hornet 2):
Diagonal Dimension (exc propellers): 280mm
Maximum Ascent Speed: 4m/s
Maximum Descent Speed: 2m/s
Maximum Speed: 10m/s
Maximum Altitude (above sea level): 4km
Flight Times: Between 22~28mins@sea level
Operating Temperature: 0~40°
Hover Accuracy (safety fly mode): 1.5m
Propeller Dimensions: 7350
Weight (inc battery and propellers: 800g

Specs (Transmitter):
Operating Frequency: 2.400~2.483GHz
Maximum Transmission Distance: 2.400~2.483GHZ (FCC 1000m; CE 800m)
                                                       5.725~5.825GHz (FCC 1000m; CE 800m)
                                                       Above distances are in unobstructed area's and free of interference
EIRP: 2.400~2.483GHz (FCC 26dBm; CE 17dBm)
          5.725~5.825GHz (FCC 28dBm; CE 14dBm)
Operating Temperature: 0~40°
Battery: 2200mAH 1S lipoly
Operating Voltage: 0.5A@3.7V

1 x Hornet 2 FPV Intelligent Drone
1 x RA10 HD camera
1 x Transmitter
1 x FPV display screen
1 x 3600maH 14.8V Battery

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