Kevlar 29 Fabric 120g/m2 (1000mm x 1000mm)

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Kevlar 29 Fabric 120g/m2 (1000mm x 1000mm) Kevlar 29 Fabric 120g/m2 (1000mm x 1000mm) HobbyKing In Stock $22.13
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Bonus: 22

Our Kevlar cloth is a seriously strong material for creating indestructible jet fuel tanks, spinners, cowls or even funky clear coated canopies. It can also be used anywhere for a reinforcement or repairs.


Use epoxy resin, Araldite, or 2 part glue to form and set the sheet.


Create that perfect battery tray, repair your foamie to bulletproof status or even make servo and motor mounts!


• Permanent heat resistance and flame retardancy, limit oxygen index Loi is more than 28.
• Permanent antistatic property.
• Permanent acid and alkali resistance and corrosion of organic solvents.
• High strength, high wear resistance and high tear resistance.
• No poisonous gas is produced when the fire is produced.
• When the cloth is burned, the cloth is thickened to enhance the sealing and doesn't break.


Warp: Kevlar 29 800D
Weft: Kevlar 29 800D
Nominal weight: 120g/m2
Weave style: Plain
Thickness: 0.15mm
Size: 1000mm x 1000mm


Mechanical properties:
Strength: 3.6 GPa
Extension modulus: 131 GPa
Elongation at break: 2.8 %


Thermal property:
Continuous use temperature:180℃
Axial thermal expansion coefficient: -2 × 10 ^ (-6) / K
Heat conductivity: 0.048 W(m·K)
Strong thermal performance; minus 196 ℃ -- 380 ℃ above freezing temperatures for long-term use.

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