Sports Electric Propeller 9x7 (1pc)

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Sports Electric Propeller 9x7 (1pc)
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Sports Electric Propeller 9x7 (1pc) Sports Electric Propeller 9x7 (1pc) HobbyKing In Stock $1.61
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Thanks to the nylon material used in constructing this propeller offers increased performance and efficiency making it perfect for any electric aircraft. This 9x7 inch prop is incredibly stiff compared to other plastic propellers available reducing deformation of the blades at higher revolutions and is precision molded to ensure optimum balance from the factory. It features a curve to the trailing edge of the propeller blade allowing the prop more surface area where the torque is generated and a thinner tip to give extra efficiency.

Diameter: 9 inch
Pitch: 7 inch
Hub Thickness: 10mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Weight: 16g

Note: This prop is for electric use only.

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