Wayne Giles Designed Universal ESR Meter for 100-10000mAh 1~6 Cell LiPos

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Wayne Giles Designed Universal ESR Meter for 100-10000mAh 1~6 Cell LiPos
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This Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) meter has been designed and built by electronics engineer and RC enthusiast Wayne Giles to allow you to precisely analyse and predict the performance of your 1~6 cell LiPo packs.

It does this by measuring the internal resistance (IR) of the pack or cell to a resolution of 0.3mΩ for a pack and 0.04mΩ for a single cell. The ESR meter gives you the ability to calculate the output (C rating) of your battery.

Unlike any other internal resistance meter on the market, this ESR meter will display the constant discharge rate in amps.

This displayed amperage rate is a very safe constant discharge rate so you can use up to 2 times this displayed rate in short bursts for up to 10 seconds a couple times during a discharge.

Having the ability to measure your internal resistance accurately can give you a much clearer picture of what your batteries are capable of delivering and will also indicate the condition of each cell within a pack.

Take the guesswork out of analysing your battery packs with the Universal ESR Meter specifically designed for RC use.


• Accurate IR readings
• 1 ~ 6 cell packs
• 100 ~ 10,000 mAh
• Compact
• Simple to operate

Cell Range: 1 ~ 6S
Capacity Range: 500 ~ 10000mAh
Leads: 14AWG
Balance Connector Type: Standard 0.1" Pin Spacing (JST-XH/PolyQuest)
Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 30mm
Weight: 193g

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