3M Transpore Tape 25mm x 9.1m

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3M Transpore Tape 25mm x 9.1m 3M Transpore Tape 25mm x 9.1m HobbyKing In Stock $2.25
39 g
Bonus: 2

When you need a temporary tape that sticks well and can be reused then this 3M Transpore Tape is the tape you need. When it is peeled off it doesn't leave a sticky residue or take all the paint with it (be careful with transfers as it could remove them). It is good for holding components together while waiting for the glue to dry and is easily removed.


It should be noted that this is not for permanently sticking together components, better to use 3M Blenderm Tape or a Fiber Tape for that purpose.


Width: 25mm
Length: 9100mm

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