KDS EBAR 3-Axis Flybarless System

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KDS EBAR 3-Axis Flybarless System

KDS EBAR is a high performance, easy to use 3-axis flybarless system that is suitable for all 250 size to 700 size nitro or electric powered RC helicopters.

It allows users to fine tune the handling characterisitics of the helicopter without a mechanical flybar system. It offers higher flight performance and efficiency, longer flight times and more tuning options for the helicopter.

The KDS EBAR supports traditional 90 degree, 120 degree and 140 degree swashplates.
It also features built-in pirouette optimization function. When helicopter pirouettes, it will maintain a level swash through out the rotation.

This system offers 3 different flight modes. Precise, Medium and Vivid. This allows the user to fine tune the flight characteristics for different flight styles from more stable to extreme response.

It is super simple to set each parameter of KDS EBAR with the included programming module. There is no need to connect this system to your computer or go through complicated stick programming from your transmitter. 

Size: 39x30x15mm
Operating voltage: 4.8V-9V
Operating temperature: 20~45C°
Weight: 30g (with connecting wire)

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