Master Airscrew - Razor Plane

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Master Airscrew - Razor Plane


This is the Master Airscrew Razor Plane from Windsor Propeller Company. Engineered to use a special .017 x 1-3/4 blade. The cutting depth can be set accurately and rigidly. For balsa wood. It rounds and smooths the contours of cowlings and fuselages, shapes edges and thins strips. It uses a heavy duty industrial grade cutting blade. Blade is user replaceable.


Handy Tip from the Hobby King team:
When storing your Razor Plane be sure to clean the plane and lightly oil the entire blade. This will keep the blade from rusting and help prevent the edge from going dull. When using the Razor Plane be sure to expose a minimal amount of the blade, try it on the surface you wish to plane and adjusting the blade in very small increments until you find the desired cutting depth.



Note: Spare blades coming soon!

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