GWS V-Tail Mixer II (200 step)

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This device allows mixing any channel to other channels and making your aircraft easier to fly.
It is necessary for you to fly the Delta Wing or V-Tail airplane if the transmitter has no mixing control function.

Operating voltage : 4.8V~6V (typical 4.8V)
Resolution : 200 steps
Working Temperature : -5°C~50°C
Weight : 5 g
Dimension : 22x13 mm  (0.866x0.512 in)
Mixing rate: 1 : 1

Plug the AILE and ELEV connector into the receiver aileron and elevator channels respectively as the wiring diagram shown.
Connect the AILE and ELEV control servos to SERVO 1 & SERVO 2 of the V-tail mixer in accordance with the wiring diagram.
Do not get wet on the V-tail mixer.
Any Modification will void warranty at owners risk.

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