TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 2408-21

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TP 2408-21
The most widely used towerpro motor available today. the 2408-21T is often used in GWS upgrades. Paired with just an 18A besc, this motor is an excellent and cheap way to upgrade small planes to brushless.
An RD1047, RD9070 or 8040 size propeller are the best choice, with the RD9070 and 8040 giving the best thrust and amp draw balance.

For 2-3 Li-Poly Cells (7.2-12.6V)
31 mm diameter x 62 mm length
Maximum current: 13A
Weight: 50.2 grams / 1.77 oz
Comes with stick mount plastic frame
Firewall mount capable
Comes with two prop nuts and one washer
3mm shaft diameter
10mm x 10mm stick mount
Kv: 1750
9 Stator Poles, 12 Magnets
Configuration:     Propeller:     Volts:     Amps:     Thrust:     Direct Drive     8040     7.4V     8.2A     12.0 oz / 342.86 grams     Direct Drive     8040     8.4V     8.6A     13.8 oz / 394.29 grams     Direct Drive     8040     9.6V     11.1A     17.0 oz / 485.71 grams     Direct Drive     8040     11.1V     13.1A     21.0 oz / 600 grams  

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