Turnigy AquaStar 3650-3500KV Water Cooled Brushless Motor

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Turnigy AquaStar 3650-3500KV Water Cooled Brushless Motor

The Turnigy AquaStar Sensorless Brushless Motors offer outstanding performance for your boat at an incredible price!

Featuring a quality CNC machined billet T6 aluminum motor can, hand-wound high purity copper windings and powerful sintered neodymium magnet, you wont find a better priced motor of this caliber anywhere else!  It even features a billet aluminum water cooling jacket pre-installed.

The AquaStar brushless motors are a great choice for your deep-V, hydro or catamaran race boat and will be sure to leave the competition in your wake!

• CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Motor Can  
• High Purity Copper Windings
• 4mm Bullet Connectors Pre-installed    
• Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet    
• Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
• Water Cooling Jacket Pre-installed

Can Size: 540
RPM/v: 3500kv
Poles: 4
Max voltage: 11.1 (3S)
Max Current: 60A
Max Watts: 400w
Resistance: 0.0155ohm
No Load Current: 3.1A
Can Diameter: 36mm (actual motor diameter)
Can Diameter inc. Water Jacket: 44mm
Can Length: 49mm
Shaft Size: 3.175mm
Weight: 234g

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