ZYX-S 3-Axis Flybarless System w/USB Program Adapter

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ZYX-S 3-Axis Flybarless System w/USB Program Adapter
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The ZYX-S high performance multi-function 3-axis gyro system is the lightest flybarless system in the world. It is compatible with all 200-700 nitro or electric power helicopters and support 90, 120, 135, and 140 degree CCPM swashplate systems. Furthermore, it is compatible with all types of servos; supports both digital and analog 1520us, 960us and 760us servos. The setup process is quite easy, takes only about ten minutes. This unit also supports firmware updates.

The new ZYX-S version now supports S.BUS and DSM2/DSMJ satellite receiver functionality! This means not only can you use this with your S.BUS radio system, but you can also eliminate the need for using a separate receiver by simply connecting a DSM2/DSMJ satellite directly to the ZYX-S!

ZYX-S 3-axis gyro system provides two different helicopter flight modes - F3C and 3D, which can satisfy pilots from beginners to advanced. It also now supports 4 additional aircraft configurations as well: Quadcopter +, quadcopter X, standard fixed wing and delta fixed wing. This makes the ZYX-S a very versatile stabilization system suitable for virtually all types of aircraft.

ZYX-S 3-axis gyro system has many adjustable options; pilots can adjust the parameter of swashplate and tail servo response, which allows the user to fine tune the handling characteristics of the helicopter. This high performance 3-axis gyro system uses MEMS gyro sensors which allow the pilot to control the flying status of helicopter precisely. Built-in pirouette optimization function; stabilizes the helicopter while pirouetting, making the advanced maneuvers much more precise.

*Note: We have tested this unit on our HK450PRO and are very impressed with the performance. The ZYX-S flybarless system is an unbelievable value at a fraction of the cost of other systems currently on the market. Check out the video below of us testing this unit on the HK450PRO flybarless.

Size: 37x25x13mm
Weight: 9.8g (without wires)
Operating Voltage: 3.5~9V
Sensor Technology: 3 MEMS angular rate sensors
Flight Modes: F3C / 3D

Included in box:
ZYX-S 3-Axis Flybarless System
USB program adapter
5 gyro mounting pads
All necessary wire leads

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