Wireless 9 in1 Simulator Adapter

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Wireless 9 in1 Simulator Adapter

This Simulator Adapter can be used with any make of radio, even one with no trainer port and can be used as either a wireless or hard-wire Simulator Adapter. It can be used with any make of radio when used in conjunction with a reciever or can it be used with standard 3.5mm Jack Lead (supplied), supports XTR, Aerofly, FMS, Phoenix 3.0, 4.0, Realflight G3, G4, G5.

Wireless/Hardwired Adapter
USB Cable
3.5mm Jack Lead
Male/Male Receiver to Adapter Leads

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I worked for 3 years, and just when I pereŝelkivaâ it tumbleraciû Sims to connect to noutu-he has not enabled (and until then worked and was installed on the notebook). Green led is not lit, the device does not find an hourglass cursor does not appear when connected to the PC, so the comp is not responding ... Gorelym doesn't smell, not drop, not damaged. What could it be??

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