ASP S32A Two Stroke Glow Engine

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ASP S32A Two Stroke Glow Engine
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Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
This high-rpm huge power glow engine can swing a 10x6 prop with ease. No need to worry about expensive batteries here. Just re-fuel and youre off.
Scream through the sky all day with our 32 size 2-stroke glow engine.
ABC construction, Aluminum piston with Brass liner thats Chrome plated
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Dual needle valve carburetor with remote High Speed Needle Valve
Dual bushing-supported connecting rod

Displacement: 5.26
Bore: 19.50mm
Stroke: 17.60mm
Suggested prop: 10x6
RPM: 2,000 ~ 18,000
Weight: 325g

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