GWS Lipo Battery Charger

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Simple, easy to use charger with inbuilt cell count detection as well as automatic cut-off when the battery is charged.
With a maximum output of 1Amp, this charger is suitable for smaller two (7.4v) and three (11.1v) cell Lipoly batteries; larger batteries can be charged, but please be aware that this may take considerably longer!
The charger comes with balance leads and adapters, and will suit hexTronik batteries.

LED Light Indicator
Input Alligator Battery Clips Cable
Output End Short-Circuit Protection
CE & RoHS Ready
Auto Detection & Auto Cutoff
Monitor Each Li-PO Cell

For Li-PO Battery: 7.4 & 11.1 V
Palm Size: 102x54x28 mm
Adjustable Current: 0 ~1000mAH
DC Input: 10 ~ 15 V 18 Watt.

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