HobbyKing® Bixler® 2 EPO 1500mm w/Optional Flaps (KIT)

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HobbyKing® Bixler® 2 EPO 1500mm w/Optional Flaps (KIT)
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Note: This is the "KIT" version only with no electronics.

Looking for the perfect trainer? Or an in-expensive FPV platform? Maybe you are a club pilot looking for something you can just pull out of the car and fly on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons? The HobbyKing® Bixler® 2 ticks all of these boxes and more! The Bixler® 2 retains all of the great features of the original Bixler® but offers more in terms of all round capability courtesy of larger dimensions and several design improvements.

The Bixler® 2 has all the right ingredients, made from super tough EPO foam, the combination of size, low wing loading and a sleek fuselage make for and excellent model with capable yet forgiving flight characteristics. The plug in wing makes the Bixler® a practical model that is easy to transport to your favorite flying field and can be ready to fly in just minutes. Another practical feature of the Bixler® 2 is it's ability to accept a wide range of Lipoly sizes and /or FPV equipment courtesy of the enlarged canopy area. The Bixler® 2 also comes with optional flaps which are pre-hinged (servo's not included) the flaps are particularly ideal for FPV pilots carrying a heavier payload. The final improvement was to re-design the boom area to allow the Bixler 2 use a low kv motor and larger prop combo, which is more efficient and offers a more linear throttle response.

The larger wing, flaps & much larger canopy area mean that the Bixler® 2 is now so much more versatile in terms of FPV use and for new pilots and experienced pilots alike who are simply flying for fun, these new design features, combined with the larger, more efficient prop mean that the Bixler® 2 offers longer flight times. However you decide to fly the Bixler® 2, you can be assured that it is still just as easy and fun to fly as ever!

Kit Version allows user to choose their own electronic equipment
Easy and Fun to Fly
New Larger Canopy area to accomodate FPV equipment and/or larger Flight Lipo
Larger Wing Span for greater glide & Payload Carrying Capability
Plastic Landing Skid
Pre-Installed Optional Flaps Mounted on Plastic Hinges (require Servo's for operation - not included)
Plug In Wings for Easy Transportation
Pre-Installed Round Pin Hinges on Rudder & Elevator

7x5E Propeller
2 x Y-Lead
Hook & Loop Horns, Control Rods and Clevise

Material: EPO Foam
Wingspan: 1500mm
Length: 963mm
Flying Weight: 760g

1 x 26~28 Size 1300kv Brushless Motor
1 x 20~30A ESC
4~5 Channel Transmitter and Reciever
1800mAh~2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
4 x 9g Servo for Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder
2 x 9g Servo For Flaps (Optional)
1 x Servo Reverser if using optional flaps with non-computer radio

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