Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB Tropical EPO 1000mm (PNF)

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Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB Tropical EPO 1000mm (PNF)

Like many who never quite achieve stardom in the public eye, the Hurricane was no diva. She was evolutionary, not revolutionary - a compromise between tradition, and requirements born of a new era in air warfare; the thick leading edges, the dobbin nose, the spar-and-longeron construction were all perhaps a little outdated when set against the Spitfire's slim stressed-skin ellipses and long-nosed thoroughbred look. But, it more than carried its weight during the Battle of Britain and if the world can owe a debt of gratitude to an inanimate object, it owes one to the Hurricane......

Our 'Hurry' bares the reproduced colour scheme of Hawker Hurricane MKIIB Tropical 'Z5140' 'HA-C' of flown by 126 squadron. This squadron was based at Malta in 1941 during 'Operation Rocket' and 'Z5140' should have been painted in the tropical colour scheme but due to the desperate times in Malta she was left as Brown and Green camouflage.

The model features visible longerons and panel lines beneath her Camouflage, her bolt on 1000mm wing features operational navigation lights and has representations of 8 Browning .303's. She carries a scale 3 blade prop up front.  Following her scale lines, the belly radiator is in place - as is the Merlin's tropical air filter.  She has pre-installed servoless electric retractable undercarriage too boot! Her EPO construction ensures she will always live to fight another day.

 All electronics arrive pre-installed, secure the elevator into place with the included epoxy and mount the Prop – That's it! Simply add your own 5 channel receiver and 3s Lipo and your are ready to scramble!

• Great scale detail
• Scale 3 bladed propeller
• Pre-installed motor and ESC
• Pre-installed servos
• Pre-installed servoless retracts
• Operational navigation lights
• Rapid flight ready time

WingSpan: 1000mm
Length: 785mm
Servos: 9g x 4
Motor: C3128 800kv outrunner
ESC: 20A brushless
Battery: 11.1v 1300mAh 3S1P (Not included)
Weight: 680g

5 Channel TX & RX
11.1V 3S 1300mah lipo battery

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