Align T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Super Combo

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Align T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Super Combo

Rotor Diameter:
53" (1347mm)
Tail Rotor:
10.25" (260mm)
5.04 lbs. (2290g)
Align 600MX (510Kv)
TP5000 12S The T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Super Combo provides proven performance with an electric drive system. You will be the envy of all at your flying field.

This is the T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Super Combo from Align. Once again Align overthrows traditional RC helicopter designs with this Pro version of the T-Rex 600ESP. Electric power transcends the capabilities of Nitro engines to take large heli performance to new levels! With more torque and power available to the T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Super Combo performance is beyond amazing. Electric flight is also quieter and cleaner so there is no oily mess to cleanup at the end of your flying day! Sliding battery tray rails and innovative battery retaining system are but two of the features that make this amazing 600 class heli stand out.

Align helicopters literally sets the new standard in both quality and price.

Special Features:

  • Equipped with the low CG DFC rotor head, effectively reduce wind resistance during flight, providing the most direct and precise control feel back to the pilot, and exhibits exhilarating 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed
  • The frame utilizes 2mm carbon fiber plates of the highest spec. Patented composite material construction technique cleverly utilize frame space that improved overall rigidity, and also created a minimalistic beauty
  • Innovative sliding battery tray rails imbedded into the 3K side frames, with patented spring loaded latching mechanism, allowing for quick battery access as well as battery protection
  • Brand new CNC machined metal tail gear box, with thicker side plates to increase rigidity. The more streamlined design also allows for simpler disassembly
  • High quality painted fiberglass canopy with 4-point quick release mounts
  • Heatsink embedded into motor mount for effective cooling of motor
  • Utilizes highest spec CNC Mod 1 helical main gear, with highest load tolerance and lowest noise
  • High quality 5mm carbon rod and CNC metal tail scissor control arms are used in rudder control system
  • Additional radial bearing is added to the one way bearing block to ensure smooth rotation, and eliminate jammed one way bearing
  • New lightened landing gear assembly with lower center of gravity

  • Length: 1174mm
  • Height: 319mm
  • Main blade length: 600mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 1347mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 260mm
  • Motor drive gear: 13T
  • Main drive gear: 112T
  • Autorotation tail drive gear: 131T
  • Tail drive gear: 34T
  • Drive gear ratio: 1:8.61:3.85
  • Empty weight: 2290g
  • Flying weight: 3250g

Included Accessories:
(1) T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Kit
(1) Painted Fiberglass Canopy
(1) T-Rex 600 CF Main Blade Set
(3) DS615 Digital Servos
(1) DS655 Digital Servo
(1) 3GX Flybarless System
(1) Align 600MX Brushless Motor (510Kv)
(1) Castle ICE HV 80 Brushless ESC
(1) 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down Voltage Regulator
(1) 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades

All of our recommended power setups are designed to best of our knowledge. We have successfully flown all of them. But as with everything else in the R/C helicopter world, all of these can and will eventually be changed and improved. Please carefully consider everything before making any changes to our recommendations. Even slight adjustments: (a new gyro or different type of main blades) WILL affect final result. Remember: If you need us, we are always only phone call or email away.

T-Rex 600E Pro DFC Setup Suggestions:
StockExtreme 3D
Swash Servos (3) StockMKS HBL950
Tail ServoStockMKS HBL980
BatteryTP5000 12STP3300 12S
MotorStockKontronik Pyro 700-52L
ESCStockJeti Mezon 90 12S
GyroStockBavarianDEMON 3SX
Main BladesStockEdge 603SE CF FBL

Suggested Equipment:
(3) MKS HBL950 servo
(1) MKS HBL980 servo
(1) TP3300 12S battery (6S + 6S)
(1) Kontronik Pyro 700-52L motor
(1) Jeti Mezon 90 12S ESC
(1) BavarianDEMON 3SX flybarless system
(1) Edge 603SE CF FBL main blades

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