X8R 2.4ghz 8ch Receiver

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The time to upgrade is now.
The X8R 2.4ghz receiver allows your PPM compatible transmitter to enter the new era of 2.4ghz r/c systems.

How does it work?
The X8 receiver communicates and binds with an X8 module via the 2.4ghz spectrum, giving the user unprecedented performance and glitch free reliability never seen before in R/C FM/AM based systems.

Which module will it work with?
It will work with both the X8J and X8F modules.

Key Features
Assan X8R receiver
-Highly secure and robust link for long distances
-No crystals or channels needed
-No interferance from motors, ignitions or metal to metal friction.
-Short antenna
-No need to change any settings on your radio.


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