Multi-Rotor Roll/Tilt GoPro Hero 2 Camera Mount

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Multi-Rotor Roll/Tilt GoPro Hero 2 Camera Mount

Start capturing amazing aerial video with your multi-rotor frame and this roll/tilt camera mount! This mount is designed to fit twin-rail camera mount multi-rotor frames such as Bumblebee, Ideafly etc.

This camera mount offers you roll and tilt control of your on-board camera while flying. It is constructed from fiberglass and aluminum alloy offering rigidity while saving weight. The mounting points for the roll and tilt servos are pre-cut and will accommodate most mini/micro servos without modification.

All necessary hardware is included to install this mount to your frame. You will simply need to add your own mini/micro servos and camera.

Camera Mount Max Inner Width: 82mm
Camera Mount Max Inner Height: 44mm
Weight (inc. all hardware): 85g

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