Hobbyking Wireless Battery Tracker w/ Free Battery 869Mhz

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Wish you could know your Lipoly battery voltage while you are flying?
Want to be able to accurately know when your pack is about to drop voltage?

The New-&-Improved Hobbyking wireless battery tracker monitors your lipoly via the charge plug and sends back a signal to your reciever. Should one of your cells drop below 3.6v the LED for that cell will turn Red. Once the cell drops below 3v the LED will flash and the warning buzzer will beep, signaling you to land as soon as possible.
This unit is also a great way to find those batteries that drop voltage greatly under load.
The transmitter operates on 869.0Mhz FM band and can monitor 2S to 6S batteries.

Transmitter Weight: 7g
Receiver Weight: 35g (this is the part you keep in your pocket)
Signal distance: Around 300-400mtr
Battery: 7.4V/ 2 Cell (Included)

Ensure the hand-held receiver is turned on and you have selected the number of cells first. Once this is done, then connect the transmitter inside the plane to the batteries balance plug. If you do not do it in this order, the reading will be incorrect.

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