H-King Trainstar Tough Trainer 1400mm (PNF)

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H-King Trainstar Tough Trainer 1400mm  (PNF)
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Looking for a Plug and Fly trainer that can take a beating? The Trainstar is the model you are looking for!

This model features a blow moulded fuselage with internal ply reinforcement - it is tough! The wing is resilient EPO foam with internal spars for additional strength.

This version is a Plug and Fly package that includes all the equipment needed to assemble the model including pre-installed servos, ESC and brushless outrunner. You will require your own 4-6 channel radio system (Transmitter and receiver), 1800mAh 3s Lipo battery and battery charger.

There is even the option to add flaps at a later stage if you wish - the hardware to do so is also included, just add an additional 2 9grams servos.

• Ply reinforced plastic fuselage
• Tough EPO wing
• Pre-installed servos
• Pre-installed electronic speed controller
• 850Kv Outrunner
• Comprehensive hardware kit
• Option to add flaps
• Instruction Manual

Wing span: 1400mm
Length: 1060mm
Battery: 1800mAh 3s (11.1v) (required)
Motor: 850Kv Outrunner (included)
ESC: 30 amp (Included)
Weight: 1300g

4-6 channel radio
1800mAh 3s Lipo battery
Battery Charger


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