SimStick Pro Wireless Adapter for RC Flight Simulators

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SimStick Pro Wireless Adapter for RC Flight Simulators

Whether you are a RC helicopter or plane pilot, there are many advantages to practicing on an RC flight simulator however connecting the lead to your PC causes hassles; it gets under your feet, looks messy, and it's never there when you need it - so why not do away with it?

The SIMSTICK Pro Wireless adapter is a great USB interface device that will allow you to connect your TX to your PC without using the wires. Anytime you want to use your simulator, just turn on your transmitter and it will instantly connect. There is no appreciable loss in latency and it will even allow you to fly with transmitters that do not have a trainer port.

With improvements and features which include on-board Spektrum Satellite (DSM2 and DSMX) and Futaba S-Bus connectivity, improved firmware, and compatibility with almost ALL brands of radio it has never been so easy to get flying wirelessly.

SIMSTICK PRO is compatible with almost all radio systems and flight sims:
- ALL Futaba S-BUS
- ALL Futaba NON S-Bus receivers
- ALL Spektrum DSMX and DSM2 receivers and satellites
- ALL JR - DMSS and DSM2
- ALL Hitec Radios
- ALL Turnigy
- ALL Graupner
- ALL Walkera
- ALL Jeti

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