PHOENIX Cessna 195 Vista 1680mm ARF

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PHOENIX Cessna 195 Vista 1680mm ARF

The Cessna 195 is a single-engine light aircraft which was built between 1947 and 1954. The aircraft was built entirely of aluminum and was equipped with a 300 hp radial engine. The aircraft was mainly used as a light aircraft by individuals, and was also known as a "Business Liner".
The Cessna 195 has a nice and streamlined cowling, making the voluminous hull looks very streamlined.
The model of the well-known manufacturer Phoenix is completely built from laser-cut pieces of wood and covered with original Oracover film. The painted wheel pants and cowling are made of fiberglass. The landing gear bracket is made of aluminum, the battery be can changed easily through the removeble canopy, the model is equally suited for glow or electric power. The mounting hardware are included. The wing is in two-pieces, so the model is quite easy to handle.
The flight characteristics are similar to those of a trainer model. The model responds beautifully soft but direct on steering inputs and shows docile stalling characteristics. This makes the Cessna 195 a wonderful and relaxing model. Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1680 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1340 mm Weight: 2,9 - 3,0 kg (flying) RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 2x DS 5100 Elevator: 1x D 7550 Siderudder: 1x D 7550 Motor: (1x D 4000)

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