Spektrum AR7110 7-Kanal DSMX Helicopter Receiver

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Spektrum AR7110 7-Kanal DSMX Helicopter Receiver

The AR7110 is Spektrums‘ first purpose-built receiver designed specifically for demanding heli applications. The combination of a primary internal receiver and secondary remote receiver allows the AR7110 to be installed in the best possible configuration for virtually any heli, while exposing
the receiver to the greatest possible RF signal at all times. Additional features like two user-selectable failsafe modes, a built-in 5.2 V 2 A voltage regulator and EC3 connectors make the AR7110 the best choice for any heli pilot who wants the safety, security and clarity of 2.4 GHz DSM technology.
The AR7110 and AR7110R offer the benefits of multiple components in one compact unit, keeping your installation neat and simple.

    Type:    Full Range Heli Receiver
    # of Channels:    7
    Modulation:    DSM2/DSMX
    Band:    2.4GHz
    Length:    1.58 in (40.2mm)
    Width:    1.86 in (47.3mm)
    Height:    0.56 in (14.2mm)
    Weight:    1.15 oz (32.5g)
    Voltage Range:    6.0-10.0V
    Antenna Length:    Main Rx: 30mm (1); Remote Rx: 30mm (2)

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