BELI-CA Repair Set

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The set contains two matching products
    BELI-CA repair Activator and
    BELI-CA repair Polymer Filler.
The main fields of application are
    bonding – also larger gaps
What is new?
    BELI-CA repair Polymer Filler is non-mineral filler medium, which is made of extra light polymer. Hence it is easy to produce flexible, light and excellent workable / grindable bondings and fillings. Even freely modelled parts are possible to be made. This is a strong contrast to the common mineral filler mediums.
    BELI-CA repair Polymer Filler and BELI-CA repair Activator are mixed together before application; the resulting paste will be used afterwards, where ever it is needed. So no more trickling filler medium, no more drifted and wasted instant glue-filler-mixture everywhere, even at spots where it is necessary to sand it off painfully afterwards.

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