SEBART 50 E (yellow/black) 1540mm ARF

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The new Sebart 30E ARF was designed by Italy aerobatic pilot Sebastiano Silvestri, it is the replica of a new real full-scale aerobatic plane.
This professional ARF kit is the result of Sebastiano’s long research and experience in F3A and 3D. This combined with an extremely lightweight structure, the all wood airframe, give the Sebart 30E an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio and an impressive precision at any airspeed and flight condition.
The Sebart 30E can do it all… it is ready for any aerobatic manoeuvres as for unbelievable easy 3D aerobatic manoeuvres, and almost anything else you can dream up are waiting for you!
The package of this product has over 1.20 m in length, it falls to corresponding surcharges. Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1540 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1560 mm Weight: 2400 - 2600 g RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 2x DS 7550 Elevator: 1x D 260 Siderudder: 1x DS 7550 Motor: 1x Smart 80 Needed to complete: Motor: DYMOND GTX-5052 ESC: DYMOND Smart 80 Servos: 3x DS 7550; 2x D 260 Batteries: DYMOND 5s 3200-4000 mAh

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