ASP FS91AR .90 Four Stroke Glow Engine

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ASP FS91AR .90 Four Stroke Glow Engine ASP FS91AR .90 Four Stroke Glow Engine Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $171.17
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Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
Do you think flying electric R/C planes is the equivilent of watching 'Driving Miss Daisy' on valium?
If so, then Four-stroke glow powered engines should be ticking all the right boxes! And there is nothing like the smell or sound of a 4-stroke glow powered plane thundering through the sky.

Fly to the sound of your very own 4-stroke glow powered symphony and bully those little electrics off the airstrip!
Full-Featured 4-Stroke Engine
One-Piece Crankcase
Rear-Mounted Updraft Carb w/Choke Valve
Right Side Exhaust
Dual Ball Bearing-Supported Crankshaft and Camshaft
CNC Machined Components
Iron Ringed Aluminum Alloy Piston
RFS (Ringed Four-Stroke) Engine
Overhead "Poppet" Valves with Cover
Displacement: 14.95
Bore: 27.70mm 
Stroke: 24.80mm 
Suggested prop: 13*8
RPM: 2,500 ~ 11,500
Weight: 640g 


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