Mystery 12A Brushless Speed Controller (Blue Series)

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Amp rating: 12A
Burst Rate (10sec): 16A
BEC Output : 5.0V / 1A
Voltage: 7.4-11.1V (2-3 cell Lipo/5-10 NiCd)
Dimensions: 22x21x4mm
Weight: 8g

Main Functions:
Safety mode:
the motor won't start no matter what the position of the control stick is when switch on the RC unit.
Brake setting: On/Off (factory default is off)
Low current protection:
Ignore/Reduce power/Shut off
Temperature protection: Reduce power when temperature reaches 120C
PWM frequency: 8Khz/16Khz
Three point battery type and low voltage selection.
Software reversion of motor turning selection.

This ESC is also sold as: HobbyKing BlueSeries.
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