PICHLER Grunau Baby Austria 2,50m

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PICHLER Grunau Baby Austria 2,50m

The Schneider Grunau Baby was a single-seat sailplane first built in Germany in 1931, with some 6,000 examples constructed in some 20 countries. It was relatively easy to build from plans, it flew well, and the aircraft was strong enough to handle mild aerobatics and the occasional hard landing. When the Baby first appeared, it was accepted wisdom that the pilot should feel as much unimpeded airflow as possible, the better to sense rising and falling currents of air, temperature changes and the like.

After a long development and testing phase, we can say that the implementation of the model is perfectly done. The result is a very good flying model glider with a beautiful flight silhouette.

You can fly the model on a slope, in tow or self-propelled.

    ARF model in perfect wood construction (laser cut)
    highest degree of prefabrication
    2-piece wing with sturdy aluminum wing joiner
    airfoil E205 (modified)
    tail empennage (removable)
    removable cockpit with magnetic closure
    first-class, good-natured flight characteristics
    tow hooks standard
    canopy and pilot figure
    Includes accessories and illustrated instructions

The package of this product has over 1.20 m in length, it falls to corresponding surcharges. Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 2500 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1130 mm Weight: 1300 g (empty) RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Elevator: 1x D 260 MG Siderudder: 1x D 260 MG Aileron: 2x D 260 MG Tow coupling: 1x D 260 MG Needed to complete: Servos: DYMOND D 260 (5x)

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