UBLOX LEA-6H GPS Module w/Built-in Antenna 2.5m Accuracy V1.01

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UBLOX LEA-6H GPS Module w/Built-in Antenna 2.5m Accuracy V1.01

This GPS module integrates an LEA-6H GPS receiver with a 25x25x4mm ceramic patch antenna, UART serial interface, and USB. The high performance of the u-blox LEA-6H positioning engine enables navigation even in weak signal environments.

Recommended for multicopters in particular, where GPS accuracy is very important. It has active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna and a backup battery for warm starts. These units will ship pre-configured for ArduPilot Mega use, and the configuration file is available in the Google repository.

This module features a USB V2.0 compatible serial port for power supply and data transfer.

• Micro USB on board
• ublox LEA-6H module
• 5Hz update rate
• High precision 2.5m accuracy
• 25x25x4mm ceramic patch antenna
• Enhanced powersave mode: lower power consumption based on intelligent power management
• SuperSense® Indoor GPS: -160 dBm Tracking Sensitivity
• LNA and SAW filter
• 3V lithium backup battery
• Low noise 3.3V regulator
• Power and fix indicator LEDs
• ArduPilot Mega, Multiwii and Megapirate AIO compatible 4-pin Molex connector
• Exposed RX, TX, 5V and GND pad

Note: This module ships with a buad rate of 38400, 5Hz

Power supply: 3.5~6.0V
Backup power: On-board lithium battery, 5mA
Antenna: 25x25mm patch antenna
Operating temp.: -20°C ~ 60°C
Dimensions: 37x37x9mm
Connector: SMT-pads for 10 pin header, Pitch: 2.54 mm
Serial ports: 1 UART @ 3 V levels 1 USB

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