Turnigy Electric Magnetic Brake System 90mm (3.50") Wheel (2pc)

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Turnigy Electric Magnetic Brake System 90mm (3.50

Turnigy Electric Magnetic Brake System 90mm (3.50") Wheel (2pc) - The Turnigy Electric Magnetic Braking System offers a simple plug & play unit that takes minutes to fit and set up, the braking system is proportional and is controlled via an Auxilliary Channel operated via a slider/rotary knob on your TX. The unit will operate off a wide range of input voltages ranging from 12v~40v, making them ideal for EDF applications. Each wheel unit is pre-assembled and mounted on a 4mm axle, the 800mm lead is also pre-attached meaning you simply plug into the supplied control unit and you are good to go!

Spec Wheels:
Wheel: Alloy/Rubber Tire 90mm/3.5"
Axle: 4mm
Lead Length: 800mm
Weight: 87g (each)

Spec Controller:
Operating Voltage: 12v~40v (3s~10s)
Output Voltage: 2A/0v~12v
Dimensions: 55mm x 7mm x 26mm
Weight: 15g

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