Scorpion S-Max Micro Multi-Copter with 6-axis Gyro (Mode 2) (RTF)

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Scorpion S-Max Micro Multi-Copter with 6-axis Gyro (Mode 2) (RTF)

The Scorpion S-Max RTF Multi-Copter is a very unique and fun model. It features six motors, mounted in a Scorpion configuration and all controlled by a high precision 6-axis flight control system.

The S-Max features two flight modes, stable and aerobatic which is selectable by a button on the transmitter. In stable mode, the Scorpion is great for less experienced pilots making it very easy to hover and fly. In aerobatic mode, the agility is greatly increased allowing for flips and rolls!

This Multi-Copter is completely "Ready to Fly" out of the box including a 2.4gHz transmitter, LiPoly battery and charger. It even includes a set of spare propellers and adjustment screwdriver.

*Note: Color may vary

• Completely "Ready to Fly"
• Unique 6 motor design
• Ultra stable flight characteristics, great for beginners!
• Aerobatic flight mode allows for flips and rolls

Battery: 3.7V 500mAh liPoly
Dimensions: 378x282x83mm
Weight: 52.5g (w/battery)
Transmitter: Mode 2

Scorpion S-Max Multi-Copter
2.4gHz transmitter
3.7V 500mAh LiPoly
USB charger
Spare propellers

6 x AA battery for transmitter

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