Durafly™ Auto-G and Auto-G2 Complete Auto-Start System

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Durafly™ Auto-G and Auto-G2 Complete Auto-Start System

This is the complete Auto-Start system for the Durafly Auto-G and Auto-G2 gyrocopter. This is a direct replacement for the Auto-G2 but can also be used as an upgrade kit for the original Auto-G. All required parts are included - Auto-Starter w/motor, flex shaft, rotor base assembly and electronic motor driver.

This system spins the main rotor to assist with take-offs. It makes for much easier ROG take-offs and hand launches. It can be easily operated by a spare channel on your transmitter. It simply uses an on/off signal, making your GEAR or AUX (switch) channels perfect for use with this system.

This system can be easily fitted to the original Auto-G with very little modification. You will simply need to cut away a small part of foam from the upper servo access panel and drill two small holes in the wooden supports. It's that simple!

Operating Voltage: 3S lipoly battery
Battery Connection Type: 3S balance plug (JST-XH)
Receiver Connection Type: JR style plug
Weight: 80g

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