AXN Floater-Jet Glider EPO 1127mm (PNF)

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AXN Floater-Jet Glider EPO 1127mm AXN Floater-Jet Glider EPO 1127mm Europe HobbyKing 41 pcs $90.90
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AXN Floater-Jet Glider EPO 1127mm AXN Floater-Jet Glider EPO 1127mm Russian HobbyKing 0 pcs $85.05
3 kg
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This model is one every pilot should own, performance is excellent and the quick, simple build will have you in the air in no time, when it comes to smiles for Dollars, the Floater-Jet can't be beaten, happy to be flown at speed or float around on minimal power, it's the perfect choice for beginners and experienced flyers.

Equipped with a high-kv motor, small propeller and a very smooth finish EPO foam surface (almost glossy) this plane can reach high speeds in a short amount of time, yet glide in gently to land thanks to it's forgiving stall and low wing loading.

An extremely easy plane to fly, ideal for beginners at half throttle and for experienced fliers, open the throttle for a noisy, fast eye opener flight.

• Plug and Fly - Just add battery and receiver
• Tough molded EPO foam airframe
• Easy to fly, great for learing to fly
• Fuselage access hatch for easy battery swap
• Fast assembly time, be in the air in no time

Wingspan: 1127mm
Fuse Length: 830mm
Motor: 2100Kv 3S Outrunner
Propeller: 5x5inch x 2pc
ESC: 20A
Servos: 4 x 9g servo 

4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
1800~2200mAh 3S Lipoly

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