Goteck HB1623S HV Digital Brushless MG High Torque STD Servo 16kg / 0.10sec / 53g

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Goteck HB1623S HV Digital Brushless MG High Torque STD Servo 16kg / 0.10sec / 53g
  • The Goteck range of digital high torque standard size servos are up there amongst some of the best for quality and reliability at a price that offers excellent value for money. The top and bottom cases are made from a high strength fiber reinforced nylon and the center case is CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum, this acts as a very good heatsink for the motor and amplifier.

    The HB1623S offers a metal geared, high voltage digital servo with a brushless motor that has excellent torque and speed. Ideal for all types of models where very high specs in a standard size case are required. This servo is very happy to operate on 6~7.4v making it ideal to run directly from a 2s lipoly battery.

    • CNC machined 6061 aluminum center case
    • Fiber reinforced nylon top and bottom cases
    • Metal gear train
    • Brushless motor
    • Twin ball bearings
    • Heavy duty plastic servo horns and mounting screws

    Type: HB1623S
    Amplifier: Digital
    Operating Voltage: 6v~7.4v
    Torque: 13kg@6v~16kg@7.4v
    Speed: 0.11sec@6v~0.10sec@7.4v
    Idle Current: 350mA@6.0v~400mA@7.4v
    Running Current: 3300mA@6.0v~3800mA@7.4v
    Dimensions: 40x20x37mm
    Weight: 53g
    Dead Band: 1 usec
    Motor: Brushless
    Gears: Metal
    Case: 6061 aluminum/nylon fiber
    Servo Plug: JR type
    Servo Lead Length: 300mm
    Spline Count: 25

    1 x Goteck HB1623S Digital servo
    1 x Double heavy duty plastic servo horn
    1 x Single heavy duty plastic servo horn
    4 x Mounting screws and grommets

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