Active Hobby Tamiya TT-02 Lower Damper Mount (Polished)

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  • Active Hobby is a well known Japanese RC brand which design, develop and manufacture high quality CNC parts, especially drift parts for many famous RC brand chassis, such as Tamyia, Yokomo, StreetJam etc.

    HobbyKing is now offering their latest and greatest drift parts in our RC car product line! Trick out your machine with these hot new, high quality upgrade parts!

    Active Hobby Tamiya TT-02 Lower Damper Mount

    • Special design for Tamiya TT-02 Chassis
    • Allow the suspension shock to have extra 3 more positions for different set-up
    • Prevent the wheel touching the shocks when in full-lock position after the High Angle Steering System have been installed
    • fit for both front and rear arms

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