AC 220V 1/2Inch Electric N/C Solenoid Valve For Water Air

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AC 220V 1/2Inch Electric N/C Solenoid Valve For Water Air
  • Description :

    Electric Solenoid Valve For Water Air N/C AC 220V 1/2Inch Normally Closed

    Suitable for use in water and low viscosity fluid applications.
    If your central heating or irrigation sprinkler system isn't working correctly it could be down to the solenoid valve.
    Repair a faulty valve with this brand new, fast acting 220V AC diaphragmstyle replacement.

    Specification :

    Voltage : 220V AC
    Inlet and outlet : hose barbs for 1/2" (outer diameter) hose

    Pressure Range: 0.02-0.8Mpa​
    Max fluid temperature : 95°C
    Operation mode : normally closed
    Valve type : diaphragm (operated by Servo)
    Usage : water and low viscosity fluids
    Please note it is not suitable for use with gravity fed systems

    Package included :

    1 x 220V 1/2" Electric Solenoid Valve

    Details pictures :

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