S-993A 220V Electric Solder Sucker Soldering Iron Desoldering Gun

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S-993A 220V Electric Solder Sucker  Soldering Iron Desoldering Gun
  • Description :

    S-993A 220V Electric Vacuum Pump Solder Sucker  Soldering Iron Desoldering Gun

    This gun is very easy for you to desoldering and remove the solder. This device is 2 in 1 unit, including soldering iron and desoldering vacuum pump.
    Rapid heating function, heating for one minute up to 350 °c
    Stable working temperature and the instantaneous temperature function, suitable for continuous use.
    Storage tin tube with heat-resistant glass, easy disassembly for easy cleaning.
    Enhanced vacuum pumps, suction greater, in addition to tin easier.

    Specificaiton :

    Model S-993A
    Voltage AC 220-230V~60Hz
    Vacuum Vibrating membrane
    Power consumption 100W
    Power ≤ 10W
    Heating Parts 90W ceramic heating core
    Temperature 350°c ~ 450 °c
    Temperature Accuracy ± 2 °c
    Arrival time of maximum pressure 0.2 seconds
    Insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ
    Work Continuous
    Circuit control system Zero-interference, the new temperature controller
    Nozzle Specifications  Ø 1.0mm (Can find the replacement nozzle here:
    Product ID: 1064159)

    Package includes :

    1 x S-993A 220V Electric Desoldering Gun(Also come with a plug adapter according to your country :)
    Find the 110V one in Product ID: 1049544
    1 x Iron stand
    2 x Cleaner needle
    1 x Gun Adapter(1.0MM)

    Details pictures :

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