Egg Shape Personal Safety Wireless Anti-Rob Alarm Color Random

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Egg Shape Personal Safety Wireless Anti-Rob Alarm Color Random
  • Description :

    Egg Shape Personal Guard Safety Wireless Anti-Rob Security Alarm Color Random Delivery

    Specification :

    Safety distance, the receiver will alarm and vibrate to remind the owner-contact "me" at any time.  

    Personal alarm can be buttoned on the strap of waist or put it into the handbag and tie the keychain when you are in danger, you can draw the Keychain and pull out the pinhead to initiate the alarm, the alarm will deliver an ultra-loud alarm.

    Use for LR44 button batteries. When loudness of siren decreases, unscrew the battery cover on back of alarm to replace with new batteries of the same kind.

    Size : 16 x 10 x 3
    Weight : 40g
    Battery : 23A
    Freely set the distance from 0 to 25 meters
    Ransmitter current : 2mA
    Receiver current : 5mA
    Warning current : 70mA
    Temperature : 5 to 70 degrees Celsius
    Humidity : 90% RH
    Frequency : 315/433MHz

    Color : Color random delivery

    Note :
    Alarm can produce a very loud siren. So do not put alarm near your ear to avoid damages to hearing.

    Package Includes : 

    1 x Personal Safety Alarm
    (Color random delivery) 

    Details pictures :

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