Jandrao Tangzong Take-Down Recurve Bow 66"/28 lbs R/H

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Jandrao Tangzong Take-Down Recurve Bow 66
  • If you're looking for a great recurve bow for sport or target shooting this superb range is hard to beat for performance and value!

    The Jandrao take-down recurve bow has a machined aluminum riser for strength, light weight, low vibration and stability, while the polished, ergonomically shaped grip allows you to shoot comfortably for greater accuracy. The riser has a stabilizer mount built in should you need to use one.

    The black, laminated maple and fiberglass limbs give a smooth, fast release even on the lower draw weight bows.

    The whole bow can be quickly assembled and taken down again allowing it to fit into any regular recurve bag making transport simple. 

    Also included is the string, arrow rest and adjustable target sight to complete the package.

    This well-balanced, versatile bow is highly recommended for beginners and general sport use!

    • Versatile, smooth shooting bow
    • Machined aluminium riser for low mass and low vibration
    • Easy to use limb adjustment mechanism
    • Laminated maple and fiberglass limbs
    • String, arrow rest and adjustable sight included

    Bow length: 66"
    Riser height: 23.3"
    Riser color: Blue
    Limb color: Black
    Brace height: 7.75~8.75"
    Draw weight: 28lbs
    Right hand only

    Jandrao Take-Down Recurve Bow 66"/28 lbs R/H
    String w/serving
    Arrow rest
    Instruction manual

    Never shoot the bow without an arrow as this will cause damage to the bow
    Always check the condition of all of the bow parts before use
    Always check with the relevant authorities in your area before using this bow for hunting.
    Adult supervision required
    Inspect Bow regularly before and after use

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