Pro-Line 1/10 Scale Accessory Pack For Rock Crawlers / Monster Trucks - Assortment #5

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  • What is any extreme 4x4 support rig without the proper tools? The Pro-Line accessory pack #5 gives you a very realistic portable welder, as well as an Impact gun with socket detail. The set also includes a sledge hammer and a tool tray that works with the #6072-00 tool box!

    Pro-Line's scale accessory assortment #5 adds unparalleled realism to your scale rock crawler or monster truck.

    • Highly detailed replica support equipment
    • Adds unparalleled realism to your scale rock crawler
    • Incredible hand painted detail

    Material: ABS Plastic

    Package Includes:
    1 x Tool box tray
    1 x Portable welder
    1 x Cordless impact gun
    1 x Sledge hammer

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