220V 350W Pearl Drilling Holing Machine Beads Driller DIY Full Set

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220V 350W Pearl Drilling Holing Machine Beads Driller DIY Full Set

  • Specifications:
    Material: Metal + Plastic
    Voltage: 220V
    Power: 350W
    Size: Apprex. 23.8 x 11.2 x 12cm (L x D x H)

    * Can be used for accurate holing on such precious stone as pearl, coral, amber and ornaments components such as gold, silver and copper.
    * This machine is equipped with 9 suits of special collets, which is suitable to the pearls in round shape, “ж” shape and other shapes or special shapes.
    * Control collet and rotation of pearl by using rotary handle, easy and highly efficient.
    * Collet of this machine is made from nylon, which prevent pearl from being mingled with flower and scar.
    * Can make a hole on pearls of various specifications from Φ4 – Φ35mm (including fresh water pearl, seawater pearl, south sea pearl, Daxidi black pearl, shell,  coral and amber).
       Fitted with Φ0.5– Φ1.2mm special tungsten-steel drilling needle for holing pearl.
    * Small volume andouter appearance, suitable to be used at any place.

    1. Install the handle.
    2. Install auxiliary handle.
    3. Install clamp.
    4. Install the other drilling collet or grinding wheel
    5. Plug in the power, adjust the distance.

    The handle,collet and grinding wheelof this machine is not install,you should install it by yourself.

    Package Included:
    1 x Pearl holing machine
    1 x Auxiliary handle
    1 x Holing collet key
    1 x Long Holing collet key
    1 x Spare Grinding Wheel
    1 x Pedal switch
    3 x Hexagonal wrench
    10 x Drills
    10 x Metal Collets
    26 x Plastic Collets
    5 x Sandpaper



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