H-King F-16 Falcon Jet 70mm EDF 670mm (26") Wingspan EPO Kit Version

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H-King F-16 Falcon Jet 70mm EDF 670mm (26
  • Go ballistic with the H-King replica of the world-renowned F-16 Fighter jet. Sports scale EDF jet performance from a lightweight, strong EPO molded airframe combined with a 70mm high-powered 6 bladed fan.The kit version of the Falcon requires high-torque servos, 50A electronic speed controller and a 4800kv EDF unit. Once completed you have a dynamic EDF RC jet specifically designed for intermediate and advanced pilots.
    High-speed rolls, big loops and fast fly bys will put a smile and your dial. 

    • Ballistic flying performance
    • Sport scale replica kit version of the world-renowned Falcon jet fighter 
    • Lightweight EPO foam construction
    • Large elevons or aileron control
    • Easily removable landing gear for short grass field handling

    Wingspan: 670mm (26")
    Length: 1035mm
    AUW: 850g

    1 x 40~60A electronic speed controller
    1 x 70mm EDF unit w/ brushless outrunner or inrunner motor
    6 x 9g servos with metal gear
    1 x 4-6ch transmitter and receiver with elevon mixing capability
    1 x 1800~2200mAh 4S Lipo battery
    1 x Need for speed !!

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