PROPDRIVE V2 2826 1100kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

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PROPDRIVE V2 2826 1100kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
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  • PROPDRIVE v2 motors are designed to perform right out of the box with tight windings, smooth bearings, correctly rated magnets, precision cut stator and balanced rotors.


    We design and build the PROPDRIVE v2 motors completely in-house allowing us to control every aspect of production. We control the entire production line from material sourcing to machining, balancing and final assembly. PROPDRIVE motors can be trusted to provide years of reliable service at a price every modeler can afford.


    We have included a collet style adapter, as well as a bolt on prop adapter.


    All performance figures are the result of realistic testing on our own motor dynos.


    Model: PROPDRIVE 2826 1100kv
    KV: 1100 KV
    Max current: 20A
    ESC: 20~30A
    Cell count: 3s~4s Lipoly
    Pole Count: 12
    Max Power: 189W @ 11.1V (3S) / 252W @ 15V (4S)
    Bolt holes: 16mm & 19mm
    Bolt thread: M3
    Shaft: 3.175mm
    Connectors: 3.5mm Bullet
    Weight: 60g


    Prop Tests :
    8x4 - 11.1V / 100W / 9.1A/ 0.54kg thrust
    8x4 - 14.8V / 116W / 14A / 0.82kg thrust
    9x6 - 11.1V / 149W / 13.6A / 0.73kg thrust
    9x6 - 14.8V / 285W / 19.6A / 1.05kg thrust


    Note: An accessory pack is available for this motor. Please see the related items below.

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