SCRATCH/DENT - Diatone Beta110 H4 V2.0 CF Frame Kit

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    Please see product Diatone Beta110 H4 V2.0 CF Frame Kit for more details.


    This Diatone Beta V2.0 100mm wheelbase frame is so easy to build it will have you flying in no time. Yet the frame is still a strong build of 1mm carbon fiber. The main change to the quad from the Version 1.0 is in the arm design of the version 2.0. The V2.0 has shorter front arms and longer rear arms.

    Added to the kit is a few extra bits and pieces just in case you lose a grommet or two.

    Get buzzing around the yard and park.

    • Small wheelbase 110
    • Tough 1mm carbon fiber frame
    • Up to 50mm propellers
    • Rubber motor mounts to ease vibration
    • Easy build
    • Different arm design to the V1.0

    Wheelbase: 110
    Motor Diameter: 8.5mm
    Dimensions: 114 x 85 x 18mm
    Front Arms Center to Center: 72mm
    Rear Arms Center to Center: 98mm
    Bare Weight: 8.5g

    1 x Diatone BETA110 V2.0 Frame Kit

    1 x 250~950mAh 1S LiPoly Battery
    4 x 8mm motors
    4 x 50~55mm propellers (CW, CCW)
    1 x Flight Controller (recommended Quanum Pico)
    4 x ESC’s (not needed if using Quanum Pico FC)
    1 x 5-6 channel RX/TX

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