Power Switch black

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  • This unit was the first contribution from PowerBox Systems to a programme aimed at significantly improving electronic security in large models. The PowerSwitch has been continuously developed since its introduction in 1992, and since 2001 it has been widely used all over the world in large models, offering stable, ultra-reliable technology.
    The units are individually hand-made. Four double silver-plated contacts, mounted in a floating suspension, are used to switch the positive conductor only; the negative line is looped through without any contacts at all.
    Two ball latches hold the switch in the selected position even when subjected to severe vibration.
    The two connecting cables (blue / red) which run to the receiver (or to another consumer unit) consist of silicone wire of 0.34 mm² cross-section. Always connect both plugs to the receiver: one to the socket marked "B", and the second to any vacant channel output socket.
    The PowerSwitch has also proved an ideal unit for petrol engine ignition circuits, especially when double ignition systems are used, as with 3W model engines, and for 4-cylinder engines with two ignition systems.

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