Turnigy 30cc Gas engine w/ CDI Electronic Ignition and Genuine Walbro Carburetor

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Turnigy 30cc Gas engine w/ CDI Electronic Ignition and Genuine Walbro Carburetor

The Turnigy 30cc gas engine is an easy to tune, lightweight but strong motor. It has a CNC milled crankcase, CNC lathed crankshaft for smooth running and a computer controlled CDI ignition system that makes starting a breeze

This is no weed-whacker or modified scooter motor, it was built from the ground up to be a competitive R/C gas plane engine, because of this it has an excellent power to weight ratio, giving it the ability to be used for all sorts of reasonably large models.

This engine will suit most planes designed for 25~35cc engines. It is compact, light and will fit inside most cowls designed for these types of engines.

The exciting thing about gas motors such as this one is that they improve with age, giving increased power output. Treated well, these engines will last for many years.

• Japanese Walbro Carburetor which is easy to tune and has instant throttle response
• Lightweight and strong CNC milled crankcase
• Lightweight and strong CNC lathed prop shaft
• CDI electronic ignition system for easy starting

Displacement: 30cc
Bore/Stroke: 34x28mm
Weight: 939g
Carburetor: Japanese Walbro diaphragm with butterfly valve and manual choke
Prop Speed: 1600~12,000rpm
Max power: 2.7HP/1.98kw
Suggested prop: 16x8, 17x8, 17x10 , 18x8, 18x10, 19x8
Ignition: CDI electronic ignition with auto advance (4.8~6V)
Mixture: Gas/oil mixture (25:1 for breaking in, 40:1 for general use)
Size: 120mm wide, 130mm high
Mount hole: 64mm x 64mm

Please note:
The engine is available in two colours Black & Silver. We are unable to guarantee the engine  will be either color.
All these engines are tested, tuned and broken in for 7 minutes at the factory and will smell of gasoline when you receive it, this is perfectly normal.

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