HobbyKing™ Totem Q450 Hexacopter Kit

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HobbyKing™ Totem Q450 Hexacopter Kit

Looking for a little more maneuverability from your next Multirotor? the HobbyKing™ Totem Q450 frame with downswept style arms that will produce a better CG and will increase the overall maneuverability with total yaw authority. The latest design also includes super tough glass filled nylon arms with vertical struts to reduce weight and increase the strength of each arm.

The new style arms have pre-molded landing skids to keep your setup simple, however the frame incorporates plenty of mounting holes for additional equipment and frame upgrades.
The lower deck of the Totem has an integrated printed distribution board (PDB) for neat and easy equipment installation.

The upper and lower deck spacing has been increased to allow for additional equipment to be fitted without ruining the aesthetics of your hexacopter.   

• Glass filled nylon arms for increased strength and durability
• Lightweight arm design
• Integrated PDB for easy wiring and tidy installation
• Increased internal space for additional electronics/equipment
• Additional mounting holes for frame upgrades

Frame Diameter: 450mm
Frame Spacing: 30mm
Frame Weight: 278g
Material: Glass fiber (center plates), Nylon filled glass fiber (arms)

6 x 2204/2205/2208 Size motors 
6 x 5 ~ 7 Inch props 
6 x 10~30amp ESC's
3s 2200-3000mAH Battery
Flight Controller
FPV Gear (optional)

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