Turnigy Bluetooth Speaker - Music "Jet" Engine

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Turnigy Bluetooth Speaker - Music

Looking for a fun and useful item for the airplane enthusiast in your life? Look at the Turnigy Blue Tooth Speaker - Music "Jet" Engine. This wireless speaker is designed to work with Blue Tooth devices to project your favorite tunes. At home, in the shop, or at the field, you can use this handy little speaker. No need for extra wires. Simply connect it through your device like iPhone, or Android phones under the name Music Engine, and you can be listening in no time.

The Turnigy Blue Tooth Speaker includes a lanyard wrist strap, and USB charging cable. The soft rubberized outer case protects it from bumps and dings, plus it has forward/backward, play and pause buttons right on the speaker. No need to fish your device out of your pocket when you want to stop the music.

A perfect gift for any R/C enthusiast!

Speaker Power: 3w
Speaker Size: 31mm, 4 ohm
Frequency Response: 180Hz~18KHz
S/N Ratio: 80dB
Charge Time: 1 hr
Run Time: 3 hrs (highest volume)
Li-Ion Battery: 3.7V/300mAh

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